Winter Crafts

Here are 25 Paper Plate ideas (click here )

Valentine Day Projects

Here are some ideas for you to have some fun! (CLICK ON PICTURES TO GO TO INSTRUCTIONS)

  • Toilet Paper Roll Crafts

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  • 4 cakes without special pans

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  • Pop Tart House

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  • Heart Shaped Animals

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Easter Crafts and Food items

Click on Pictures to get instructions

  • Peeps Graham Cracker House

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  • Twinkies Race Cars

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  • easter egg nests

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  • easter bunny cake

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  • Nutter Butter Easter chicks

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  • Peeps house

    Type content here...

  • Bunny head fruit platter

    Type content here...

  • easter basket cake

    Type content here...

  • washcloth bunnies

    Type content here...

  • Easter centerpiece

    Type content here...

  • Cheese puff carrots

    Type content here...

  • Bunny treat bags

    Type content here...

  • rice Krispies easter eggs

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  • List Item

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]Online Literacy Resources (read-alouds, sing-alongs, illustrating demos, and more)

{Worksheets for Kids (over 1,000,000 FREE K-12 worksheets and printables)

{Article on Educational Resources ( lots of resources for parents/teachers)

^Using Children's Books (to teach literary theory in High School)

=A Child Needs To...(before learning to write activities)

!Lalilo (a free phonics program to help every student learn how to read)

!Create a Time Capsule (help your students remember this history making event)

!Home Math Instruction (made free and easy)

!Virtual Wizarding World (to make homeschooling more magical)

+Celebrating the Last Day of School (19 fun ideas to wrap-up this school year and to start the summer break!)

+Reading Club (Corvallis Knights & Central Willamette Credit Union teamed up to you bring this) pun intended

+The Art of Storytelling (Ideas and activities to help you tell your own story)

*5 Minute Crafts on You Tube (what to do when you are bored with #stay at home; many, many fun craft ideas to try)

$19 Phonics Videos (your students will love)

&Ken Burns In The Classroom (learn history through the eyes of a film story teller, lots of subjects and grade levels but also entertaining)

%Free eBook Library App (sign-up to get your own app and pin to access eBooks)

%20 Kid-Approved Books (for advanced 2nd and 3rd Grade readers)

*Storytime Live (on Tuesdays and Fridays at 8am PDT from Barbershop Books)

*Audible Stories (free streaming stories to any desktop, laptop, phone or tablet)

Free Kindergarten Worksheets and Activities

Free Adobe Access for Students

Free Online Courses from Scholastic

Free Online Courses

#Awesome Free (or low-cost) Websites for Practicing Reading

*Free Hogwarts Digital Escape Room (a Harry Potter themed online adventure)

*Phonics & Comprehension Program (used by 50,000 teachers)

10 Best Apps for Kids with Dyslexia and Learning Disabilities

7 Best Apps for Learners with Autism

TIME for Kids (learning opportunity helping kids grasp our current situation)

Apps for Learners with Writing Difficulties

*Home Learning (all sorts of resources for teaching per-school to 12 year old kids and downloadable activity sheets for adult hobbies-crocheting, yoga, gardening-from DK)

Teenagers stuck at home? 13 life skills they can learn now

*Listening to Waves (learn about waves through the science of music)

*Harry Potter At Home (J. K. Rowling, in collaboration with the publishers Scholastic, Bloomsbury, announced a new website called 'Harry Potter At Home' - a free, magical resource to keep readers of all ages entertained while staying at home.

facebook Sluggo's PE Class (online PE class every Friday at 10:30 am on Facebook live) 

{Live-streams Of Sharks, Otters, and More (from the Oregon Coast Aquarium)

{Scavenger Hunts for Kids (30+ free printable scavenger hunts)

^Healthy Screen (lessons on how screen time affects the teen brain) 

!Digital Escape Rooms (Here's a list of digital escape rooms you can visit from your couch)

+Yosemite National Park

+WeBop-at-Home (free kit with 6 videos of songs and stories for your little ones to enjoy)

+Four Seasons Tree Art (make a 3-dimensional tree representing all 4 seasons)

&Metropolitan Museum of Art Course (do a floral still life)

&Handprint Flamingo (another art project)

%Art Ideas (here are several ideas for art and learning)

%Fireworks Painting Activity (get ready for Memorial Day and 4th of July with fireworks posters!)

%Balloon Powered LEGO Cars (you can have your own races)

$Handprint Butterfly Card (mother's day project)

#Fun Art Classes (from the comfort of your home)

#Learn To Play The Piano (NOT free, but at least you now have time to practice!)

Free Storage for Students

Free Airfare for Students

Free Car Rental for Students

virtual trips and entertainment

*added 4/17/2020                         !added 5/22/20

$added 4/26/2020

&added 5/8/2020

+added 5/15/2020

!Virtual Events To Attend (while you are social distancing this week)

!30 Virtual Field Trips (for the kids)

+Harry Potter Castle Ride (Universal Studios virtual ride)

&Virtual Disneyland Rides (now you can ride ALL the rides at Disneyland without leaving your favorite armchair

$25 Family Movies Every Kid Should See (plus fun activities to go with them)

Free Virtual Field Trips

*Best Virtual Field Trips to Take During Spring 2020

*Travel Oregon (scroll down to download a coloring book with coloring pages of Oregon)

Free Virtual Museum Tours

Free Virtual Museum Tours To Italy

$Free Virtual Train Rides (all around the world)

Free Operas

Free Broadway Plays and Musicals

Edinburgh Zoo  (with live animal cams)

San Diego Zoo and Wild Life Park

Panama Canal

*Entire List of Movies Available To Stream For Free On You Tube

*The Show Must Go On (a new You Tube channel featuring musicals, a different free show each week on Friday for 48 hours starting at 11 am PDT)

*Where's Waldo? (released free activities and printables for kids)

Fun, Useful, silly, or unusual sites

$added 4/26/2020

$A Royal Pet Portrait (watch an artist paint a royal portrait of her sister's guinea pig to the music of Mozart)

How Many People Are In Space Right Now?  Ever wonder how many people are exploring the cosmos above at any given moment? WONDER NO LONGER.

The True Size   Put in the name of a country and The True Size will show you exactly how big that country is in comparison to others. It's fascinating. And, yeah, Alaska is big!

Flight Radar   See every plane that's in the sky at any given anytime. There's still a TON of planes flying.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes   Think you can put down your phone and relax for two whole minutes? Give it a try.

Is It Christmas?   This website is only good one day of the year. It's perfect.

Random Name Generator   In need of a pseudonym? Trying to come up with a name for your created video game character? On the run from the cops? This site has you covered.   "If I start RIGHT now, I wonder how long it'll take for me to watch this entire show." We've all had that thought. Well, think no longer. tells you exactly how long that binge will take.

You're Getting Old!   Time, what a concept. This website puts into context exactly how long you've been shuffling down this mortal coil — days, minutes, you name it. It's some fascinating and truly terrifying stuff.

Drench  Another fun little game to kill time.

My Fridge Food  Got a bunch of random food in your fridge and have absolutely no idea what to do with it? Stop your fretting. Fret no longer. Fridge Food has you covered. Just click what you've got in your kitchen and it'll suggest a meal you can make. Pop Tarts scampy, anyone?

Find The Invisible Cow   A fun little time waster that features America's finest past time: finding invisible cows.

Radio Garden  Spin the globe and listen to radio stations from all over the world. Might I suggest Kayseri, Turkey?

How Long To Read?  Ever look at a book and think, "Damn. Look at all those pages." Well, be intimidated no longer. Use this website to find out how long a given book will typically take a person to read.

The 60 Second Online Hearing Test  How good are your ears? Huh??? HOW GOOD ARE THEY?? Take this test and see what the highest frequency your ears can hear is.

Pointer Pointer  Just a fun little game that finds a (very mid-2000s) picture and has it point at your cursor. Enjoy!

Music Map  Put in a band or artist you like and Music Map will give you a whole bunch of similar artists. Discovery, it's a wonderful thing.

Actual Size of an Inch Ruler  Now you can use your COMPUTER to MEASURE. What a world.

Traffic Simulator Trust me, simulating traffic is way more fun and interesting than it sounds.

Chordify  This site is like magic. Funky, funky magic. Plug in any YouTube video and it'll send back (mostly accurate) chords to play that song almost immediately.

GeoGuessr  A fun game that drops you in a random place in the world and makes you try to figure out where you are. Poland really is beautiful.