Mission Statement

Lebanon Mennonite Church is focused on “Witness, Invite and Nurture”.

We are Witnesses of God’s immeasurable love and grace, we Invite others to join us in our faith journey and we work intentionally at Nurturing each other in faithful discipleship, living a holistic Christ-centered lifestyle, being good stewards of God’s gifts and creation, and being a missional church.

Who we are

Lebanon Mennonite Church (LMC) is a gathered group of Christ’s followers committed to walking together in this journey of life.

LMC is a Christ-centered organization/organism of sisters and brothers united together in a faith journey seeking a life of service to each other and our community.  We believe that God calls us to a life of servanthood modeled after the life and teachings of Jesus as depicted in the Bible.

We also believe that the biblical story brings us hope and that Jesus’ teachings are applicable in our culture.

LMC began in 1957 and was formed by voluntary service people serving at Lebanon Community Hospital (LCH) and local constituents.

Throughout the life of LMC it has had a strong connection with health care and the local community owned hospital.  Pacific Coast Conference of the Mennonite Church provided leadership of the hospital.  When the new hospital was opened in 1952, Mennonite Board of Missions was contracted to have oversight. By the 1970s Mennonite Health Services was hired to provide governance coverage for LCH with numerous members serving on volunteer governing board and today congregational members serve on the Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital (SLCH) Board of Directors.