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                                              LMC Update
                                           March 31, 2020

Dear Church Family,
Greetings to you in the Holy name of Jesus the Christ!

Here we are again walking the weekly path of our “new normal” of
dealing with the many changes in our lives because of the coronavirus
(COVID 19).

Yesterday President Trump extended the encouraged “social
distancing” recommendation for our nation to remain in effect until
April 30th but also said a national “stay at home order” was unlikely at
this point. That doesn’t have a lot of impact on us here in Oregon as
we are already under an Executive Order issued by Governor Kate
Brown that dictated all Oregon residents to stay in their homes except
for essential businesses such as hospitals, medical services, food
delivery, agriculture, etc.

The Oregon “stay at home order” doesn’t mean lock yourself indoors
or subject your family to binge-watching old “Friends” re-runs!

Outdoor exercise is permitted (and recommended for stress-relief) as
long as you maintain proper “social-distancing” practice of a 6 foot
separation from others.

Some news reports make it sound like good health care is no longer
available for us due to the COVID 19 crisis, but that is simply not
accurate. I still serve as a Board Member for Samaritan Lebanon
Community Hospital (SLCH) and while there are a whole raft of
increased health security protocols and guidelines at our local hospital,
no SLCH staff have tested positive for the COVID 19 coronavirus, nor
are there currently any patients in SLCH who have COVID 19.

Yes, we need to be very proactive in helping to stop the spread of this
devastating COVID 19 illness by washing your hands often and
disinfecting hard surfaces like doorknobs and light-switches.

I also encourage you to be very proactive in prayer! The Pastoral
Care Commission has been united in prayer at 2:00 PM everyday in
praying for our church family, praying for all medical staff (doctors,
nurses, technicians, etc.) caring for our community and COVID 19
patients, praying for all people impacted by the coronavirus and also
praying for an eradication of COVID 19….and I heartily encourage you
to join us in prayer!

Just to reiterate the LMC UPDATE from last week….as per Governor
Brown’s Executive order we (LMC) have ceased to have regular office
hours, but you should feel free to call me at 541-409-3336 if you have
a need or a question.

May the Holy Spirit put a hedge of protection around you! Don’t let
fear of the unknown steal God’s joy from your life! Our hope is
in God, the Maker of Heaven and Earth! Make God-honoring
decisions and be safe! And remember, God’s love for all people is
never ending!

Keep the faith!                                     Pastor Brent


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